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Renu Naturals

Renu Hydra Whip Exfoliator

Renu Hydra Whip Exfoliator

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Blend of rich essential oils & walnut shell powder with a calming lavender scent. This creamy, whipped formula contains aloe, avocado, rosehip & sweet almond oils. Add water to create a mousse-like texture to gently exfoliate, while helping to smooth complexion and crêpe skin on neck and chest. Polish, buff and unclog pores to reveal fresh, radiant and moisture-rich skin with regular use.

To Use: Scoop out a small amount into palm of damp hands and blend to a mousse consistency. Apply to a wet face, starting at cheeks and moving in a circular motion upwards toward nose and forehead. Use on your face and and/or body 2 – 3 times per week for healthier, smoother, more radiant looking skin.

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