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Mama Magic Healing Balm

Mama Magic Healing Balm

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About this product

Mama magic is the magic that we all need. It really is magic for anything that needs healing. Made with always organic cocoa butter, our custom calendula infused coconut oil + beeswax, our customers rave about using this product on severely chapped lips, scars, minor abrasions + injuries, on tattoos, eczema, irritations, rashes, windburns, etc. We love this product + stand by the results. Mamas will benefit from the use of this product on cracked nipples from breastfeeding + tiny humans will benefit from use on their cradle cap, diaper rash + eczema/trouble spots. As they get older, this is the magic needed for those skinned knees + elbows. The ingredients used in this healing balm are known for their ability to assist in cell repair + growth. In addition to the antiseptic, anti-fungal + anti-inflammatory properties, this balm works in the most gentle of ways to heal + soothe, naturally.

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