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Belly to Baby Massage Oil

Belly to Baby Massage Oil

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One of the most versatile oils, belly to baby is an oil made for the expecting mama to use on her growing belly, + then the tiny human she has grown so carefully. The oil blend has been crafted without essential oils for even the most sensitive skin or those weary of using essential oils while pregnant. Ingredients are known + supported by research to boost the immune system, hydrate the skin, prevent stretch marks + improve elasticity (which also makes it beneficial to use on the postpartum belly as well!). It is also known to support the delicate skin of babies + help the skin to retain moisture as their skin barrier develops. Baby massage has also been shown to promote development, relieve discomfort/distress + improve sleep. The oil is naturally unscented + it does not contain essential oils, fragrance, dyes, or anything unnatural. There is just something about using a product during the journey of pregnancy that can be carried over to baby + the fourth trimester.



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